How to keep filter clean in turbocharged engine?

        Date:2013-05-20 16:35:12

        With more and more turbocharged automobiles emerging into the market, turbocharging gets familiar to car owners. But in face of this robust engine, many car owners, not to mention Mr. Li, do not know how to select between turbocharged engine and naturally aspirated engine?  
        Increase power by 40% or above
        Compared with naturally aspirated engine, turbocharged engine has superior power, and the maximum output power is over 40% more than the naturally aspirated engine. “The largest advantage of turbocharging is to greatly improve power and torque of engine on the basis of not increasing engine displacement, once the engine is provided with the turbocharger, its maximum output power will increase by 40% or more compared with that without turbocharger”, Master Mo said and admitted that the daily use and maintenance will be slightly complicated. “Compared with naturally aspirated engine, it has stricter working environment and maintenance.”
        Maintenance is not troublesome
        Although turbocharger will be more delicate, it will be very tractable by proper use. Master Mo stated that it was not inconvenient only by paying more attention. “First, should select synthesized engine oil appointed by the manufacturer or at a high grade, then shall keep engine oil filter and air filter clean absolutely”. In addition, Mo Douwen said regular cleaning or replacement for filter is needed.


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