Detail First in Auto Rust Protection, Timely Processing Needed

        Date:2013-05-20 16:34:31

        Someone thinks it will not get rusty if the car paint is undamaged, but it doesn’t in fact. Sometimes although the car looks very bright, but the inside paint is not good, just because some manufacturers can not make these details meticulous.
        The parts easiest to get rusty include door hinge part where it is easy to have missing points during painting and gets rusty because of many screws, and also engine hood, inside of trunk lid. Car owners should check these parts frequently no matter new or used cars, especially in humid and rainy season.
        Even the guarantee period past, once rust spots or rust marks founded car owners also need to repair it, or repaint it if it is serious. For tiny rust, it is ok to polish it with waterproof abrasive paper dipping with water, and coat primer and original paint or paint in same color after cleaning it at all. It is better to polish the rusty part larger because a part of rust may hide under paint, or it will get bigger and worse.    
        Otherwise, it is supposed to process minor scratches by common car wax during dressing, and it can rapidly remove minor scratches on the surface and improve whitened and faded paint. At the same time, the polishing and maintenance to the paint will provide it with excellent gloss. The scratches not too bad can be wiped time and time again with a piece of clean wiping rag dipped with a little of wax until they are gone, after that, they are polished with a towel. The tiny scratches could be fixed with a painting make-up pen, despite it resembles a common carbon pen in appearance but it holds paint inside, and has two ends, one is as thick as a ball-point pen to repair thinner scratches, and the other one looks like the end of writing brush to repair bigger scratches. As it is said, this kind of pen is nearly usable for all automobile brands, with high similarity in color after repair. In addition, it can match with abrasive pastes that should be used before painting make-up to rub down scratches and paint surface and further increase adhesion of paint. If the paint surface is not even after repair, when the abrasive pastes are great for polishing the paint surface smoothly.
        However, the products above are only for emergency. Car owners had better take some time to have paint dressing at maintenance shops.    


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