Japan Auto Parts Giant Deeply Implants into the Chinese Market

        Date:2013-05-20 16:34:52

        On Feb. 21st, a global elite team consisting of over 30 people headed by Noda, Executive Vice President of CALSONIC KANSEI came to Shanghai to make an investigation. First, they visited Shanghai Dongfang Auto Fittings City, and General Manager Li Tongmei met them in person, and made a detailed introduction on the development status and planning. After the meeting, they investigated Dongfang Auto Fittings City to learn about the circulation, brand construction and actual business situations in Chinese auto parts markets. Vice President Noda and Li Tongmei immediately agreed on discussing cooperation issues of both parties on Feb. 25th for opening up the promising Chinese auto parts and mainframe matching and circulation markets.
        On the meeting, both parties made exchange and communication on the development and future strategy of each enterprise, and had discussions on features and cooperation mode of the Chinese and Japanese auto parts industries. As it was reported that CalsonicKansei was planned to increase investment in China for further construction of its head office in Shanghai, take the establishment of a new factory in Jiangsu into account, and strengthen the cooperation of both parties to design products fit for the Chinese automobile markets, thereby implanting into the Chinese market, the world’s largest automobile market in a steadfast way. 


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