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        • Product Name: ECU Mini-kit
        • Product Number: HD014
        • Added time: 2014-12-17
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            Available for 1-4 cylinder engines;


            3D display,digit indication;

            Emulate petrol injection signal;

            Changeover switch with gas volume indication;

            Precise control of air-fuel ratio;

            Maintain key values like power, torque the same as the original vehicle;

          Permanent connection without disturbance of car OBD system; testers or diagnostic detectors can also be connected;

            Reduce the risk of imprecision of manual configuration;

            Be able to start when engine is cool;

            Easy to adopt reducer and injector rail;

            Meet up EURO V emission standards;

            Small sized, simple installation and operation;


        Main Parameters:

            Working Voltage: 9-16V DC;

            Rated Voltage: DC12V;

            Working Current: 10-12A;


            Port: USB1.0/USB2.0/RS232;

            System Convert Control: HK012;

            Injector Emulation Resistance: 100Ω;

            Waterproof Level: IP54 water resistance;

            Input Signals:

                oil injection signal;

                gas pressure signal;

                vacuum pressure signal;

                water temperature;

                gas temperature;

                gas volume signal;

                oxygen sensor signal;

                RPM signal;


            Output Signal:

                Sequential injection 1 to 4 cylinder- operation signal of injector rail;

                Gas volume indication;

            Dimension: 120X 132X 40(mm)

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