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        • Product Name: ECU Mini-kit
        • Product Number: HD001
        • Added time: 2014-12-17
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        Designed for 1-12 cylinder engine

        Self-developed product

        Developed from petrol ECU into a multipoint sequential injection system, now the road test has been as much as 100,000 kms;

        Top configuration:

           Several functions can be customized;

        A, sensor type optional;

        B, Timing calibration;

        C, Wide domain oxygen sensor;

        D, Calibration software can be customized;

        E, Can be connected to dash board through CAN;


        Standard Configuration:

           Latest algorithm;

           Precise control of air-fuel ratio;

           Stable performance;

           Easy calibration;

           Availability of gas leakage alarm;

              Availability of OBD;

              Calibration can be processed against different engines;

              Emission standard: V;


        Basic Configuration:

           Stable performance;

           Easy and simple installation;

           High cost-effective advantage;


        Technique Parameter:

        Working Voltage: DC10-16V

        Rated Voltage: DC12V

        Working Current: 10-12A

        Port type: USB 1.0/USB 2.0 /RS232

        HK012Changeover control: Changeover switch

        Injector Emulation Resistance: 100Ω

        Water-proof level: IP54

        Input signal:

          Car petrol injection signal;

          Gas pressure signal;

          Vacuum pressure signal;

          water temperature;

          Gas temperature;

          Gas volume signal;

          Oxygen sensor;


          Changeover control signal;

          Gas leakage alarm signal;

          *Crankshaft position signal(customizable);

          *Wide domain O2 sensor signal(customizable)

        Input Signals:

          Sequential injection 1-12 cylinders(action signal of gas injectors)

          Catalog crankshaft position signal;

          Oil pump relay signal;

          Solenoid valve signal of Gas line;

          Indication of gas volume;

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